Directions:Read the text below. Write an essay in about 120 words, in which you should summarize the key points of the text and make comments on them. Try to use your own words. Lori. Schneider knows a few things about fear. "We were crossing a ridge that dropped off 8,000 feet on both sides," says the 53-year-old climber of ascending Mount Everest last spring."The wind was blowing at 60 miles an hour. If there was ever a moment to panic, this was it. " But she didn't. An hour later, she reached the peak-the last step in her personal challenge to scale the highest mountains on all seven continents. Ten years earlier, she'd come face-to-face with a different type of fear, when she was unable to feel anything in the right side of her body. After learning she had multiple sclerosis (MS)-a serious illness that gradually makes a person weak and unable to move or see, she left her marriage, job, and home: “I ran from my whole life.” It was just before climbing South America's Mount Aconcagua in 2000 that she set her sights on the Seven Summits. After training by pulling 50-pound bags of dog food up the ski slopes near her home, she topped Europe's Mount Elbrus in 2002, North America's McKinley in 2006, and Australia's Kosciuszko and Antarctica's Vinson Massif in 2008. She'd scaled Africa's Kilimanjaro in 1993. That left Asia's Everest, the highest of all. And there she stood, on a ridge at 28,800 feet. "When I trained, I told myself to take one step at a time by spelling out words," she says. "So I spelled out ' Don't let fear in. ' " It got her to the top.She's the first person with MS to conquer the Seven Summits. With her condition stable, she plans a return to Kilimanjaro-this time with 15 others with Ms by her side.

参考答案:     Lori Schneider, a 53-year-old woman, is the first person with multiple sclerosis to scale the highest mountains on the Seven Summits. It's actually a difficult thing, even for a healthy man. How on earth did she overcome fear?
Firstly, we should learn to calm down while meeting some urgent situations. Fear may bring physical and mental torture. If we are in panic, the chance of success will slip away.
    Secondly, it's important to know certain ways to conquer fear. Psychological hint is a good way. Just as Lori Schneider did, you can repeat to yourself “Don't let fear in.”
    Finally, we should think over the situation. Asking for help may be beneficial. Of course, most of the time we must depend on ourselves.
In a word, we should have a strong mental quality to conquer fear. We need learn to be stronger.
解题思路: 【写作点金】
on earth到底,终究
calm down冷静
in panic恐慌
slip away溜走
depend on依靠于,取决于
in a word总的来说>>>立即刷题
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